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Bitcoin Tech Support: Software & Hardware Consulting

Invincible Creative is offering expert Bitcoin (BTC) technology support and Bitcoin consulting. We are based out of San Diego, California but are available by Skype, phone, or email to other geographic locations. Our staff can help with any technical area regarding Bitcoin including: BTC wallet setup, Bitcoin merchant accounts, Bitcoin wallet encryption and security, Bitcoin mining equipment purchase and setup, as well as any software related issues you may come across while entering the Bitcoin arena. Invincible Creative provides technical and software support ONLY, you must seek outside advice from a financial professional regarding Bitcoin investment and the potential tax implications of Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin Merchant Setup

Want to start accepting Bitcoin on your ecommerce shop? Invincible Creative can help setup your merchant wallet, payment gateway, and transaction software. Once your account is setup you will be able to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for all of your clients and customers. All of your Bitcoin transactions can be safely and securely stored in an offline wallet or in a hosted merchant wallet of your choosing.

What is a Bitcoin?

You have surely heard much discussion in the media regarding the emerging Bitcoin market. Bitcoin is a math based crypto currency designed to store monetary value and alleviate some of the costs associated with money transfers and currency exchange. Bitcoins are created using a mining process which solves mathematical equations that unlock blocks of Bitcoins to the entity that comes up with a solution for a particular equation. Once a block of Bitcoins has been released the new owner can sell, hold, or transfer the newly created Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin software is a P2P network which handles both the transaction ledger and all digital transfers on a semi-anonymous basis. The Bitcoins available for mining is capped at 21M BTC, this means that there will never be more than 21M BTC in circulation. The BTC market is a highly volatile and risky investment with price and volume fluctuations swinging wildly from one day to the next.

Contact Us

If you are looking to get started with Bitcoin please get in touch with us using the contact form or send an email to and we can help answer any technical questions you may have regarding BTC.


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