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Social media development and optimization is an essential part of your business. Having a strong, diversified presence across all social media platforms allows you to effectively reach out to potential customers and engage your audience. This instantaneous, ever-present connection to your clients ensures awareness of your latest products and promotions and builds a stronger and larger client base. Sharing the latest news about your company encourages others to share this as well – thus creating organic building blocks that exponentially grow you business.

Social Media Management

Our goal is to take your current social media platform to the next level and beyond by transforming it into an unstoppable force with it’s own ability to generate awareness, market products, and expand your clientele. We do this by creating cross-platform solutions to promote your latest products and developments across all of the major social networks, including: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, foursquare, Google+, Instagram, etc. and many other social networks. Experience and insight has led us to further this social media potential by creating unique and ingenuitive ways to reach the blogosphere, in addition to developing and managing a unique blog for your company through Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogspot, to name a few.

Examples of how we increase your social media presence:

  • Facebook – Boost your page “Likes,” Subscribers, comments, “EdgeRank” (the name of Facebook’s tool that looks at all of the posts, comments, items, etc. that are connected to the user, then ranks each of these based on importance. This controls the order of the News Feed and manages Facebook advertising, updates content, statuses, photos, etc.), advertising presence on relevant pages, etc.
  • Twitter – Gather more followers, daily tweets and updates, and Twitter integration on your business website.
  • Yelp! –  Develop or maintain your profile, create location-based promotions, build your reviews, and increase your “star rating.”
  • Foursquare – Construct location-based promotions, and give your customers the ability to “check in,” tell their friends and receive special offers.

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  1. […] Social interaction with your customers helps to keep customers coming back and lets you push the latest promotions and products directly to your client base. Each customer should be able to visit your website and easily find ways to connect with you through social media. With all the social media outlets available it is ideal to provide an engaging experience for your customers and studies have show that client retention is substantially better with social media as opposed to traditional email newsletters. […]

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